Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.
— Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Austin B. Sweeney doesn't make country music.

At least, not any more. Having grown up working on his family's farm, it seemed a natural progression. So much so, that Austin began writing country songs from the second he picked up a guitar. The dream was Nashville. 

So in the middle of the winter of 2015, he packed up all of his gear and moved to Nashville with a book full of songs and an undefined goal for stardom.

This proved to be naive thinking (A&R people looking for the "next big thing" haven't been in Nashville since '89) and after a relatively short run of open mics, road trips, dive bars, whiskey benders, self-diagnosed insanity, and a fairly hefty amount of debt, he moved back to his hometown in Oregon. 

He wasn't worried - after all, in a post-internet world, your geographical location is considerably less important for getting your music out there.

So he went back to work on the family farm. During the following year, he took a small break from pursuing music. He never stopped playing, but the spark that fueled his dreams in Nashville was extinguished and he was now without a plan.



But then there was that trip...

Not just any trip. Something important had happened. Life looked different. A switch had been flipped. 

"Tune in, turn on...

...turn up."

So he threw out most of his old songs and began writing the songs he wanted to hear. 

What Austin found was a renewed vigor for music. After all, why box yourself in with a title or a genre? Maybe he'd write some country songs. Maybe a few slow tunes. Maybe a few songs need some electronica influence.

What emerged isn't exactly country. It isn't exactly rock. It's bluesy. Folky. Psychedelic. And in the end, the music itself doesn't need definition. Rather, the music is a genuine and deeply satisfying expression from one soul to any others willing to listen. Enjoy.